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    Jiangsu Shuojie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D, design and manufacturing of high-end cable equipment since its establishment in 2004! After more than ten years of development and continuous efforts, the company has now developed into a good situation with Dongguan Xinjie Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. (Humen) and Jiangsu Shuojie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Dongtai, Jiangsu) as the core, leading three manufacturing branches in Dongguan, an Internet of things technology company and Kunshan Shuojie company to keep pace! Jiangsu Shuojie Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, and has passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company covers an area of 50 mu, with independent R & D center, finishing center, paint baking room, etc., integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and sales. The company's performance grows rapidly at a rate of 30% every year, and the annual performance in 2018 has exceeded 200 million yuan! 

    Through years of research and development, the company has mature equipment in data transmission cable, industrial cable, robot cable, automobile cable, new energy cable, power cable and power cable. There are:
    1. Teflon extrusion machine, core / outer extrusion machine, chemical / physical foaming extrusion machine.
    2. Cage planetary stranding machine, pipe stranding machine, winch, cantilever single stranding machine, high stranding machine, copper wire stranding machine and untwisting pair stranding machine.
    3. CNC vertical / horizontal belt wrapping machine, single / double / multi-layer belt wrapping machine, etc.